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Welcome to Mood Foods

This website is dedicated to the power food has to evoke different moods, with a number of recipe packs specifically dedicated to them and freely available to download as handy pdfs.

The diagram above links to some specific mood recipes. There are also many more recipes for you to enjoy throughout the website.

Latest News

11 February 2013 - Stewing

Snow arrived today and it made me crave something warming and hearty to eat. I chose a nice sausage and lentil stew, which proved a great choice. The trick is to source good quality sausages and wine (something robust and fruit packed) so the flavours really come through.
Slow cooked sausage and lentil stew

25 January 2013 - Is there such thing as a healthy salt craving?

I had a craving for salty food today but as I'm on a health kick I had to find something a little less fatty than usual to 'scratch the itch'. Salted Sea Bream was a wonderful, light alternative to salty meat. I had it with a salad (I know, too healthy!) but it would go equally well with potatoes and a range of green veg.
Salted Sea Bream

20 January 2013 - On the road to recovery...

Despite feeling the effects of a Christmas period heavily laden with food and alcohol I have been rather reluctant to let go of the hearty fare that I am now used to. Instead I decided to let myself down gently, with a hearty yet healthy vegetarian curry.
Chickpea and lentil curry

09 January 2013 - Meat Feast

After much talking and anticipation, I finally made a slow cooked peppery Hunter's Stew for 9 people yesterday. It turned out pretty well, although we suffered slightly in not being able to get the right cut of meat, meaning it wasn't possible to cook it for as long and it wasn't quite as flavoursome as I'd hoped. Still, to make up for it I used 100ml of vegetable bouillon instead of the water, added a pinch of hot paprika and cut back a little on the pepper and it seemed to perk up the flavour.
Original Hunter's Stew Recipe
Revised Hunter's Stew Recipe

26 December 2012 - Christmas leftovers

A recipe for leftover turkey curry, as well as a collection of sprout recipes to help make the most of the Christmas food.
Turkey Curry Sprout recipes

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